Maltby Produce Markets, Inc.
Cut Trees

Our cut trees will be available Wednesday, November 20th. 

Choose from Noble, Fraser, Grand, Douglas and Nordmann Fir. 

If you would like to have a live tree that you can plant after the holidays, visit Flower World across the street to see their expansive selection. 

After the holidays, bring your un-flocked tree to Flower World for convenient recycling!

Wreaths and Swags

As early as November 15th we will begin to carry a selection of hand-made wreaths and swags. All of these one-of-a-kind decorations is made from greenery, berries and trim collected from our farm properties. Visit Flower World across the street for additional selections. 

Maybe you would like to make your own! Flower World will hold wreath making workshops from November 21st through December 15th. To sign up, call Flower World at 360-668-9575.

Cedar Garland

Freshly cut cedar garland:


15 ft coil - $24.99

25 ft coil - $39.99

50 ft coil - $74.99

Cut to order - $1.99/ft

Shop Our Online Store
Cayenne Pepper ~ Bay Laurel ~ Parsley Powder

 You may purchase a select variety of our herbs, vinegars and dried fruit products online and have them shipped straight to your door. These specialty items make wonderful gifts! 

Click here to check out



Maltby Produce Market has apples picked right from our very own orchards in the Snohomish Valley. Grab some today for all of your favorite fall apple recipes, snacking or lunches!

Select from: 

Akane Fuji ♦ Jonamac
 King Liberty ♦ Melrose
Red Gravenstein ♦ Red Jonagold


Fall Harvest

For your dinner table we are harvesting the following:

  Apples Asian Greens ♦ Arugula

Artichoke - Jerusalem Beans Beets Broccoli

Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower ♦ Celeriac Root

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Celery Chard Collards Cucumbers ♦ Daikon  Eggplant

Fresh Herbs Green Onions Kale ♦ Kohlrabi Leeks Lettuce

Onions-ball Parsley ♦ Parsnips Pears  Pears-Asian  Peppers Pumpkins

Radishes ♦ Romanesco Rutabaga Salad Mixes Spinach

Squash - Fall  Tomatillo Tomatoes Turnips

What's Cooking?... Squash!
We grow a wide variety of summer and fall squash. All varieties of squash are a healthy alternative ingredient to many delicious dishes and they provide a wide range of health benefits including antioxidant support, blood sugar regulation and increased energy levels. 

Squash can be steamed, roasted, fried, grilled or sautéed. They can also be added to soups or used in fresh salads. Squash are high in Vitamins A & C, fiber , potassium and other important vitamins and nutrients.

Fall Squash

Acorn ♦ Butternut Canrnival ♦ Delicata
Hubbard ♦ Kabocha ♦ Kuri ♦ Spaghetti  Sugar Pie 
Sunshine Kabocha ♦ Sweet Dumpling Winter Luxury

                            Boost your immune system with
                              Apple CiderVinegar

Need a boost? Boost your immune system with the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. 

If you like it hot try our "Fire Cider Vinegar". Fire Cider is a traditional remedy with deep roots in folk medicine. It's a tasty combination of vinegar infused with strong decongestant, circulatory and digestive properties. We are producing our fire cider from unfiltered apple cider vinegar along with the following ingredients: lemon, orange, habanero peppers, parsley, thyme, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, garlic, horseradish and peppercorn. 

Take a spoonful of Fire Cider vinegar straight from the bottle every morning. Increase the amount when you feel under the weather. It is known to prevent  cold and flu symptoms. It can also be used in cooking for getting the same results! Try sprinkling it on your stir fried rice or drizzling it over salads with olive oil. 

                                                    Have you tried all of our Apple Cider Vinegar flavors?
                                                        We have Regular, Apple Cider with Herbs, Blueberry, Fire, Lemon Ginger,
                                                          Lemon Turmeric, Raspberry and Wine Vinegar
                                                        Available in 12 oz,  1/2 gallon  and  1 gallon!